There are thousands of ways that Mrms Solutions Group inbound numbers (1300 numbers, 1800 numbers and 13 numbers) can be customised (set up/configured) to suit your business requirements

Calls to your inbound number are routed (redirected/forwarded) to one or more of your existing phone services (eg. office phone, home/office phone, mobile, fax, VoIP phone, live answering etc). Each one of these is known as an answerpoint.

If the initial 13/1300 number or 1800 number answerpoint is busy, not answering, or experiencing congestion, this option automatically changes the call answerpoint to one or more of your alternative numbers.

For example, if no-one answers your office phone after a specified number of seconds (eg, 10 sec., 15 sec.) the call could be forwarded to your specified mobile number. And if no-one answers the mobile after a specified number of seconds, the call could be forwarded to your Live Answering Service. Up to three consecutive forwards can be specified for each answerpoint.


  • Slush your business telecommunication cost by 90%
  •  Increase your sales & get more inquires by providing One toll Free number
  •  No set fee or Connection fee
  •  Free API access for Toll Free numbers so you can control your incoming calls
  •  Minimum Monthly cost & very low call cost
  •  Never miss a call from customers by having Multiple answering points
  •  No charge for relocation & continue your business without any interruption
  •  Reach Australia wide customers by One number
  •  Run your Successful advertising campaign & track your revenue by One toll free number
  •  Buy your own toll Free number & you will owned the number forever
  •  Buy a smart number Like 1800 secure, 1300 aircon& 13 Help

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